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While flipping through this book’s table of contents, I noticed some of it was a bit… shall we say, odd.

  1. Restoring natives to suburbia
  2. The vital new role of the suburban garden
  3. No place to hide
  4. Who cares about biodiversity?
  5. No, seriously, who really gives a fuck about biodiversity?
  6. I don’t even care about biodiversity, and I wrote the damn chapter
  7. Why can’t insects eat alien plants?
  8. Why do insects have a stockpile of space plants in the first place?
  9. Why are we sending insects into space?
  10. What is native and what is not?
  11. Has anyone seen my coat?
  12. The costs of using alien ornamentals
  13. How to turn that decaying Martian corpse into a fun centerpiece
  14. Creating balanced communities
  15. Gardening for insect diversity
  16. Blending in with the neighbors
  17. The art of camouflage and subterfuge
  18. Planning for it to happen
  19. Making it happen
  20. Pretending like it never happened
  21. What should I plant?
  22. What does bird food look like?
  23. What do hummingbirds taste like?
  24. Answers to tough questions
  25. The last refuge
  26. Native plants with wildlife value and desirable landscaping attributes
  27. Native plants with a stamen only a mother could love
  28. Host plants of butterflies and showy moths
  29. Host plants of reclusive moths and confused earthworms
  30. Experimental evidence

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In watching I want to say it was the Daily Show, it was commented that people don’t read as much anymore. (In fairness, it’s commented in a lot of places that people don’t read as much anymore.) “Not true,” said I, “I read 74 books last year.”

“You did not,” said my father. “Really? Seventy-four?”

“You don’t believe me? I have a list.”

As it turns out, I was lying. It was only 73. But the list was true. I leave it for you now; books read in 2007.


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